When its time to overhaul your engine block Coastal Plating has all the technology’s to help you with your needs. From Line Boring, Decking, Lower Liners, Counter bores, and also including metal spray to bring your block to manufacturing specifications.

Line Bore
After countless hours of use or if after a shut down due to damage to your engine a line bore is needed to be certain that your engine block is not bent or out of manufacturing specifications due to heat. From cutting or replacing main caps along with wire lining the block Coastal Plating is capable of Line Boring your block back to standard specifications.

When your engine block may have water, heat, or other damage to the deck decking the surface of the block maybe needed. In some case just a .005 cut off the top of the deck will clean up some water or heat damaged areas. Consult with one of our representatives for this process.

Metal Spray
If you have damaged areas of the deck surface of your engine block and a surface cut is not recommended due to being under operating specifications metal spray is the way to go. We at Coastal Plating with our metal spray department are able to bring your engine block to manufacturing specifications with metal spray applied to the deck of you block. Not only bring the block back to standard operating specifications but also giving you a new block look.

Lower Liners
With our CNC department Coastal Plating is able to replace damaged lower liners with precision sleeves. Either cast iron or steal Coastal Plating is able to bring your lower liners back to operating specifications.

Counter Bore
Coastal Plating also offers precision CNC counter bore liners in bring you engine block back to standard operating conditions.

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