We specialize in high quality restoration of damaged crankshafts. Any size from 6 inches to 40 feet that serve diesel, gas powered engines, or compressors of larger sizes and greater powers. We have the state of the art chrome shop and the largest grinder in the United States and Canada including many other machines capable of grinding over 40 feet.

Coastal Plating Company was established in 1948. We employ specialists who are skilled craftsmen and do their jobs efficiently. Over 300 aggregate years of know-how in industrial chrome plating goes into our salvage and reconditioning procedures. By specializing only in re-manufacturing worn, bent, rusted or damaged crankshafts and camshafts we can offer you the FASTEST SERVICE AVAILABLE. You can re-assemble your engine and get it back in service. Your downtime is minimal. Our quality control and expert workmanship assures you of FAST TURNAROUND with uncompromising quality. Lower cost plus all the reliability and performance you want are the combination that is unique to Coastal Plating. We’ll get you going again!

Coastal Plating Company

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